Choosing a Board for your Gen2 Foil Drive Set Up

We've collated a bunch of boards down at the beach so Paul and Jamie can share their insight into choosing the perfect board for your Gen2 Foil Drive setup. After two and a half years and thousands of Foil Drives sent worldwide, we have learned a thing or two about what works best. So, sit back and have a read through the intricacies of selecting the ideal board for your foiling adventures. If you're more of a visual person, scroll to the bottom to watch the video!

Understanding the Range:

We've seen it all – from 7'10" downwind boards to compact 4' prone boards. The Gen2 Foil Drive system opens up a world of possibilities, catering to various preferences and riding styles. Whether you're into paddling, downwinding, or just cruising, there's a board for you. There's numerous components of board design that all impact your ride, let's take a look...

The Importance of Length:

First things first, let's talk length. We can't stress this enough – length trumps volume and width. Take the 7'10" downwind board, for example. It's a stability powerhouse, effortlessly catching waves, small bumps and is perfect for flatwater paddle up. A longer board is your ticket to a smoother ride. Saying that, with a Foil Drive, you don't need to reach for a 7'10" board if you don't want to!

The Role of Width and Volume:

Now, when it comes to width and volume, it's a bit of a dance. Wider boards make standing a breeze but generally sacrifice speed across the water during takeoff. Enter the Jimmy Lewis Superfly – a 38L wonder that proves length can outshine volume. It's all about finding that perfect balance.

Board Characteristics:

Examining specific boards, like the Sunova CASEY Pilot and the Jimmy Lewis Superfly, sheds light on the importance of flat surfaces for seamless gliding. Flat boards provide a consistent surface area, making your ride smoother and more enjoyable.

Considerations for Rocker and Shape:

Rocker, that curve from nose to tail, plays a role too. More nose rocker may slow you down during takeoff as the broad curved nose tends to push water forward acting as a bit of a plow thru the water. This is especially prevalent with smaller boards with lots of nose rocker like our smaller North prone board,

Weight and Power to Weight Ratio:

Weight matters. It's not a one-size-fits-all game. We get it; lighter riders might have it easier. But for those of us "fully-grown adults", paying attention to power-to-weight ratio becomes crucial. These factors of line length become super important as the riders becomes heavier. The little F-one cross over board proves the fact that even heavier riders up around 100kg or 200lbs can ride tiny volume boards if it is the right length and shape.

Adapting to Gen2 Foil Drive:

With the Gen2 Foil Drive shaking things up, our traditional board preferences might need a tweak. It's about adapting – considering length, width, volume, and board characteristics. Embrace the change, and you'll be riding the waves like never before.

Signal Transmission and Board Material:

Don't forget about signal transmission. Check the mast tracks on your board. If it's full carbon construction, add those foam spacers in the track between your t-nuts for optimal performance. We've all been there, and we want to make sure you're getting the most out of your setup.

Full Carbon construction boards are ok to use with Gen2 so long as they have plastic or glass tracks. Some very specific brands such as Armstrong and Takuma use Carbon tracks in their boards. With some size boards and foiling applications, this can be manageable with the correct technique and understanding of the wireless connectivity theory, however most people will find using a Foil Drive Gen2 With a full carbon construction and track board very difficult or problematic.

We are working on a full tutorial video for getting the best signal with Full Carbon boards.


 The wrap

So there you have it – our take on choosing the right board for your Gen2 Foil Drive setup. Ride with confidence, adapt to the game-changer that is Gen2, and let your foiling adventures soar to new heights. We'll see you out on the water, catching those waves and living the Foil Drive dream!


Watch the video below:

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