Foil Drive Podcast | Ep 01 | Why Does Foil Drive Exist? - Meet the Founders

In the first instalment of the Foil Drive Podcast, Foil Drive Founders Paul and Ben sit down with the very first Foil Drive owner and local legend, Sykesy, to discuss the guys' background, the origins of Foil Drive, and the true reason for its existence. It's been an incredible first two years, and we are thrilled with how far it has come and how many people have jumped on board to support us.


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00:00 - Introduction - Welcome to the podcast!
01:58 - Sykesy
02:16 - Why the Foil Drive concept exists
07:36 - Paul's introduction to foiling
10:29 - Backgrounds
11:08 - Electronics
15:06 - Downwinding
17:26 - Sykesy's foiling history
19:45 - The training wheels
21:58 - Foil Drive's sole purpose
24:38 - The genuine uptake by the community
25:14 - The impact of the Foil Drive product
30:01 - Learning to Foil
34:03 - Is it cheating?
35:18 - How the community is using it
37:57 - Why to we make the gear that way we do?
38:49 - Ralph!
38:59 - Manufacturing
44:06 - The labour of love
46:00 - Foil Drive owners Facebook group questions
48:48 - 1st Question: EU sellers and availability?
49:53 - 2nd Question: Foil Drive hats?
51:12 - 3rd Question: A kit for custom boards?
54:00 - 4th Question: Boost Mode?
59:00 - Final thoughts
1:04:24 - Wrap up

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