Foil Drive Podcast | Ep 07 | Rob Pirios | Foil Drive Team Rider

 In a recent Foil Drive Podcast episode, Paul sits down with Foil Drive Team Rider Rob Pirios, to discuss the Foil Drive Gen2. The conversation gets into Rob's experiences with the Assist Max and how the Gen2 has transformed his foiling adventures.

Rob shares his enjoyment using the Max system, highlighting the improvement and increased runtime he experienced with each session. He discusses with Paul valuable advice on optimising the system, pointing out the importance of slowing down and adjusting settings for a more efficient foiling experience.

Paul and Rob discussed the battery options available, with a focus on the Slim Performance and Slim Endurance batteries. Paul explains the advantages of choosing between the two based on specific foiling preferences, highlighting the flexibility that Foil Drive offers with its interchangeable batteries.

Paul chimes in, shedding light on the Max system's ability to let riders use smaller foils, providing a dynamic foiling experience. He emphasizes the importance of choosing the right battery for different scenarios, showcasing Foil Drive's commitment to catering to various foiling preferences.

The two expanded to cover the broader spectrum of foiling, including winging and downwinding. They highlight how the Foil Drive Gen2 has made it accessible to a wider audience, even those recovering from injuries.

Rob and Paul share insights into the system's ease of use and its ability to adapt to different foiling disciplines. They discuss how Foil Drive's innovation has transformed the once challenging aspects of foiling into accessible and enjoyable experiences.

The conversation concludes with a deep dive into the technical aspects of the Foil Drive Gen2. Paul reveals the system's unique heat dissipation mechanism, utilising the ocean as a passive cooling system. They discuss the meticulously designed propellers and hint at ongoing efforts to enhance efficiency through further developments.

Paul provides an exclusive preview of the Foil Drive Gen2's app-controlled features, allowing users to customize power modes and boost settings. He emphasizes the system's potential for continuous improvement, akin to the Tesla model, with future software updates enhancing performance.

The conversation between Paul and Rob provides a comprehensive look into the Foil Drive Gen2, showcasing its versatility, user-friendly design, and commitment to continuous innovation. As foiling enthusiasts themselves, the Foil Drive team's dedication to enhancing the overall foiling experience is evident throughout the discussion. Foil Drive Gen2 emerges as a game-changer in the world of foiling, promising a thrilling and accessible ride for enthusiasts of all levels.


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