Foil Drive Podcast | Ep 12 | Eric Sterman

Eric Sterman, from the North Shore of Oahu, was our guest for episode 12 of the Foil Drive Podcast. Eric, known for his foiling skills and film expertise, shared his journey and stoke for the sport.

Currently in El Salvador for a film project, Eric talked about how he got into foiling. It was during a filming trip in 2016 with Kilani and Robbie Nash that he first encountered the sport. This experience sparked a new passion for him, even though he had always been deeply involved in surfing.

Eric described how surfing has always been a significant part of his life, but foiling brought a new level of excitement and community. Unlike surfing, which can often be competitive and individualistic, foiling is more inclusive and fosters a sense of camaraderie. He mentioned how foiling encourages sharing and collaboration, which is quite different from the usual surfing culture where everyone competes for the best waves.

When asked about how foiling is received in his community on the North Shore, Eric said that there hasn't been much resistance. People generally understand where it's appropriate to foil, and there's a growing interest among locals. However, he did note that some surfers might find it challenging to transition to foiling due to the time and equipment investment required.

One of the things Eric finds most appealing about foiling is the challenge it presents. He talked about the steep learning curve and how rewarding it is to overcome those initial struggles. Eric's journey into downwind foiling started with beach runs on prone boards, gradually progressing to more challenging downwind runs. Inspired by pioneers like Dave Kalama and Alex Aguera, Eric and his friend Aaron kept pushing themselves, motivated by the thrill of mastering this unique form of foiling.

The podcast also covered the use of Foil Drive. Eric expressed his excitement about how foil drives can make foiling more accessible, especially for those who might be hesitant to invest the time in learning traditional methods. By using Foil Drives, people can experience the joy of downwind foiling without the initial struggle. He sees Foil Drive as a tool to introduce more people to the sport, allowing them to enjoy the thrill of gliding over water without the steep learning curve.

Eric shared some interesting ideas about how Foil Drive can be used to maximize time on the water. He envisions taking friends on downwind runs, giving them a taste of the adventure without the initial struggle. Additionally, foil drives offer a practical way to make the most of conditions, whether it's catching waves or exploring new areas.

Throughout the podcast, Eric's passion for foiling and the ocean was palpable. He encouraged others to embrace the challenges and rewards of the sport, highlighting the sense of community and fulfillment it brings. His enthusiasm was infectious, making me want to try foiling myself.

In summary, this episode of the Foil Drive podcast with Eric Sterman was a fascinating look into his world of foiling. Eric's journey from traditional surfing to foiling showcases the evolution of an athlete embracing new challenges and passions. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance, community, and the endless possibilities the ocean offers. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or a curious beginner, Eric's insights and experiences provide a captivating glimpse into the world of foiling.

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