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Foil surfing is an amazing sport that combines the thrill of surfing with the unique sensation of flying above the water. This masterclass provides essential tips and techniques to help you master foil surfing and Foil Drive, from preparing your gear to advanced manoeuvres.

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Preparing Your Gear

Having the right equipment is crucial for a successful foil surfing experience. Here’s what you need to check before heading out:

  • Board and Foil Selection We all want to rider smaller foils and smaller boards. We recommend going a foil size larger than you'd expect to give yourself the best change and progressing faster and nailing these techniques. 
  • Foil Drive Gen2 If you're learning, a larger battery selection will help, if not, a backup on the beach!
  • Pre-session Check: Ensure all bolts are tightened, tracks have foam in them, Foil Drive propeller bolts are secure, battery grease is applied, and the nose cone is latched properly.

Properly preparing your gear ensures a smooth and enjoyable session on the water.

Getting Out to the Waves

Navigating out to the surf can be challenging. Here’s how to do it effectively:

  • Carry the Board: Hold the fuselage and one wing tip for better control.
  • Angle the Board: Keep the board at a slight angle to help it pop over incoming waves.
  • Throttle Activation: The controller MUST be OFF when getting in and out of the water. Do not turn the controller on until you are in deep water and are on the board. 
  • Location Make sure you are NOT entering a busy line-up, with Foil Drive, you simply don't need to be near a line-up at all. Find somewhere isolated, away from the crowd. 

These steps will help you reach the waves efficiently and safely.

Taking Off

Achieving a successful takeoff is essential for a good ride. Use the "J Turn" technique - Displayed in the video:

  1. Mimic Wave Catching: Pretend to catch a wave and then turn off at the last second in the shape of  a J 
  2. Wave Rush: Allow the wave to rush over your wing, providing extra lift.
  3. Propeller Re-Entry: When you need to engage the motor again, either start the motor spinning before re-entry, or wait until the propellers are fully submerged. Engaging with the propellers half in and half out can cause unbalanced strain on your bolts as the propellers open/close.

This manoeuvre is particularly useful for heavier riders or those using smaller wings, helping you get on plane quickly.

Riding the Waves

To ride the waves effectively:

  • Choose Smooth Sections: Avoid breaking waves, which can be too aggressive.
  • Throttle Control: Engage the motor slightly before peeling off the wave for a smooth transition.
  • Steady Throttle: Maintain the throttle at about 60-65% for a controlled and enjoyable ride.

Focusing on these aspects ensures a smoother and more enjoyable foil surfing experience.

Manoeuvring and Control

Mastering foil surfing requires smooth and subtle movements:

  • Avoid Aggressive Turns: They can disrupt balance and control.
  • Gradual Speed Increase: Build speed gradually to maintain a steady ride.
  • Absorb Wave Energy: Use your knees to stay balanced and prevent the board from aerating too much.

These techniques help in maintaining control and stability.

Safety and Courtesy

Being mindful of others and ensuring safety is paramount:

  • Avoid unnecessary Propeller Noise: Keep the propeller submerged to avoid noise and ensure safety. try not to motor along the surface with the propeller exiting and entering the water all the time.
  • Gradual Peel Off: When peeling off from a wave, do it gradually to prevent aggressive impacts.

Respecting these guidelines ensures a safer environment for everyone in the water.

Advanced Techniques

For those looking to advance their skills, here are some tips:

  • Prone Takeoffs: Paddle with the controller in your hand, lean into the board, and apply full power before paddling.
  • Throttle Adjustment: If predominantly prone surfing, reduce throttle to avoid overpowering the board.

These advanced techniques help in refining your skills and improving overall performance.

Final Tips

Here are some final tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid Low Riding: Prevent dragging the pod by not riding too low. Be confident in your mast height and pop up that little bit higher!
  • Maintain Throttle: Keep a slight throttle during turns to retain speed and control.

Foil surfing is all about enjoying the ride and having fun.Take your time to feel your limits and ease into the sport. Every session is an opportunity to learn and improve.

Stay safe, respect the ocean, and have a blast out there! Happy foiling!

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