July Newsletter 2022

Didn't catch our Monthly email update from July? No worries, find all the info here! Welcome to the July edition of Monthly Updates! We've got some new blogs for you, a limited edition merch release and another stockist highlight from the crew in the UK.


With summer finally here for most of the world (not us unfortunately!), we have seen a stack of new masts released from a range of brands. We now have almost 50 masts in our range, the latest additions being:

#37Starboard V8 Alloy

#42 Slingshot Phantasm Carbon V1.1

#43 Neil Pryde Glide Wing Alloy 2021

#44 Liquid Force Alloy

#45 Liquid Force Carbon

The following will be available online in the coming days:

#46 Cabrinha Fusion Carbon - (test fitted on 80cm mast)

#47 Cabrinha Fusion Carbon Efoil

#48 Naish S27 Carbon

Note: Due to the unique design of the Cabrinha mast, we will be releasing two pods, for flatwater efoiling and assist purposes (see image below). This means if you want to surf, and flatwater foil with your Cabrinha mast, you will need both motor pods. Please watch this video before ordering a Cabrinha Fusion Carbon Motor Pod: Cabrinha Motor Pod Fitment. Special thanks to Anton for lending us your mast.

NEW Foil Drive™ Merch

We know most of you are in the middle of summer... We Aussies however, are in the middle of winter! We have just received our Limited Edition Foil Drive Hoodies and Crews! Whether you're soaking up the sun over in the US, or layering up with wetties here in Aus, we recommend grabbing some gear asap as stock is limited!

We have also re-stocked on Hats and T-Shirts. The shirts are the same design but are now made of a higher quality, Organic Cotton and range from XS to 2XL.


This month we'd like to introduce you to Foil Surf UK - also known as The SUP Hut! Matt and the team are based in Swansea, UK, and have been with us since July 2021. We asked Matt a few questions about the shop:

The SUP HUT is one of the longest standing SUP specific stores in the United Kingdom. The original SUP company servicing the needs of stand up paddle boarders since 2008. We have also been taken hostage by the phenomenon of wind wing, and hydrofoiling... hence the birth of Foilsurf UK in 2017.

Our shop in Swansea, South Wales, is on the doorstep to the Gower Peninsula offering lessons or hire of equipment giving you the option to paddle/wing or foil on what brands we stock. The foiling options on Gower are abundant, stunning scenery to pair with riding wind or waves! We have access to some great downwind SUP foil routes, wind wing and surf foil locations.

Having the opportunity to test the Foil Drive will open up so much more potential in the locations you ride and in your own ability. So we urge you to come and visit our store... where the froth is frequently foiling.

Stocking - Takuma, Go Foil, Axis, Fanatic & Naish Foils

Boards - Sunova , Suns, Starboard, Fanatic, Kalama , Axis & Takuma.

E-foils - Foil Drive, Takuma

How long have you been involved in foiling and what do you love about the sport?

First bitten in 2017 when that clip of KL (Kai Lenny) went viral (view here)... then I eventually found a foil Takuma Concept v100 and my journey started. I have always been open minded by the water sports I've adopted through the years , but when foiling turned up it blew my mind and still continues to more than any other.

What is the main use for Foil Drive in your area?

When the Assist PLUS arrived the UK, crew adopted into the Assist PLUS model as it gives options for efoiling. The downwind scene is a niche market currently but there is plenty of variety in the use of a foil drive Assist and Assist PLUS.

What can people expect to find instore?

The shop is only so big , we would love to be 100% committed to foiling , but we have to offer variety to our customers so STAND UP PADDLE is a great entry into water sports winging and foiling are more accessible than kitesurfing in our opinion. So we tend to cover those 3 sports - SUP - WING - FOIL. We have big inventory of foiling stock having been one of the first stores to commit to it.

One piece of advice for new foilers or people wanting to learn to foil.

You need to be committed to it and have time and headspace.

It's fine having other sports... but to truly be immersed in a sport like foiling you need 100% focus, even if that means not using surfboards, SUP's etc. To learn the ways of the foil, something amazing happens - I suppose a bit like a spiritual transition, once you're in there in no going back . The froth is strong!!

You can also support Foil Surf UK here:

Facebook Instagram


We've had some really useful and important blogs go live this month regarding batteries and travel. Check them out here: Airline Travel & The Small Battery Parallel Y Lead

Foil Drive Battery Comparison

This month's photo below is from Arnaud on Reunion Island! Photo thanks to Yves Jacquemin. If you want to feature in our emails just hit reply and send us your snaps! Arnaud is riding the Kalama Performance 2019 6’6 x 30 x 5 1/8 139L with GoFoil foils.

That's a wrap for July! From everyone here at HQ, we want to thank you for your ongoing support. We can't wait to see more of you out in the water!

The Foil drive team

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