The Line Up - August 2023

Hey Foildrivers, welcome to the Lineup! We've all experienced that lull in sets, you sit out there floating around and end up talking with your mates. Join us in the monthly Foil Drive Lineup as we surf the web together while you wait for your next set to roll in! 

We love keeping up with the greater foiling community, what everyone is up to, new gear and new content and we'd love to share it with you, Foil Drive, and Foil Drive-less, we want to share our stoke... enter The Lineup!


With just under a week to go, some of the Foil Drive Crew are getting ready to hit the US for the first time!

Aiming for AWSI, Paul, Ben and Dom will be over at Hood River for most of their time in the US, however, if you're lucky you may catch Ben either in and around California or San Fran!

More information coming soon as to when and where you can catch Ben, in the mean time be sure to follow us on social media for any updates!


Off the back of winning M2M a few weeks ago, take the opportunity to learn more about James and his Foilboard Guiness World Record.

He'll also be doing a Downwind Foil Clinic in the Byron area Sunday at 12pm and donating the profits to the Maui Wildfire Relief.

Not in Byron? James has online courses specific to Foildriving available here.



Huge shoutout to everyone who competed in M2M! If you haven't seen the epic race that occurred a few weeks, huge congrats to James Casey on bringing home the win on the newly released Code Foils, with Oskar Johansson hot on his heels in second riding Armstrong.

Having spent a bit of time with these two, we couldn't be prouder to have these two Aussies showing some unreal foiling and sportsmanship within the sport.

To check out more on the race, SUPboarder Mag have you covered - CLICK HERE

📺 Watch

Queensland, Australia

Clean turns, smooth riding and a whole lot of fun! Dave West showing just how much you can achieve with Foil Drive in small swell.

Foil Drive Assist Plus 

Axis Spitfire 900

365 Skinny Rear

Amos Shapes Spitfire 40L

Ever wondered how different using a Foil Drive to Downwind is in comparison to a Jet Ski? Giampaolo from Hi-Tech Hawaii has you covered! 

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