The Line Up #11

We had a rough time narrowing down the content this month! You guys have been busy cranking out some epic content all over the world.

Featuring this week is a look into the External Antenna from Hadou Brunner, while this one is for our French followers, we recommend adding subtitles to Hadous videos because his advice is really great!

We've also got a look into the first week of the Voyager Foiler Downwind Camp. These guys reach out out to the Foil Drive team not long after opening their camp because you guys flooded their guest list!



"I received and tested the External Antenna for the Foil Drive Gen 2. I took the Takoon Prosurf 4'6 equipped with carbon rails, on which the Gen2 signal without the antenna does not pass at all. Today, we debrief on the installation, use, and efficiency of this antenna."


If you're a follow of Josh Ku, you might be finding it hard keeping up with where in the world he is too! Josh and Paul Cooper was asked to head over to Hawaii for the first week of the Voyager Foiler Downwind Camp with an influx of Foil Drivers down to attend. We've heard nothing but great feedback about the camp, a huge shoutout to Kahi and Simeon from the Voyager Crew bringing all of this together.



Olivia Piana and Philippe Axmann enjoying Foil Drive in Lake Garda during Foil Week

Olivia and Philippe squeezed as much a possible out of Foil Week at Lake Garda, both finishing on the podium for the downwind race and getting some time on Foil Drive.


With a steady Northerly wind blowing, Zoltan and Tom Earl rigged up with Foil Drives for a local down wind run from North Watergate to Newquay Towan beach approx. 10km - Just 14 minutes to complete!


Robby back again with some smooth Foil Drive take offs in the surf. How's the quality of this wave, all to himself! If this is what staying away from the line-up looks like, we want more! 


Mike Pedigo captures Erik Antonson on Foil Drive in Jax Beach Florida.



A short film by Foil Drive capturing the beauty of the Kaiwi Channel, Hawaii. Join our voyagers as they traverse this legendary waterway, offering a fresh perspective on a place typically filled with the chaos and excitement of race season. This time, we come together as a team to focus on the energy of the ocean, the Blue Highway.

Coming late July.

Click the image below to watch the trailer & while you wait for the release, check out the podcast episode about it!


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