The Line Up - December 2023

Hey Foildrivers, welcome to the Line Up where we surf the web together while you wait for your next set to roll in! 

We love keeping up with the greater foiling community, what everyone is up to, new gear and new content and we'd love to share it with you, Foil Drive, and Foil Drive-less, we want to share our stoke... enter The Line Up!



Introducing the Masterclass series!  

Learn all the ins and outs of the Foil Drive from the pros to enhance your riding experience.  This series of videos aim to give you the knowledge to turn you into a proficient Foil Drive rider.   To get you started, we have videos covering transitioning from motor to free-foil, overcoming the 'Bucking Bronco', learning to pump a foil, as well as different take off techniques.  

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 The New South Wales Foil Club is bringing together the global foiling community to help promote the sport within Australia. The goal is to become recognised as a sport, gaining insurance approval, which in turn allows foiling communities to host more events. With the local crew in NSW taking the wheel, having the sport recognised not only will lead the way for foiling communities in Australia, but worldwide, and will allow us all to promote the sport in a safe way.  
How can you help? A quick 30 second survey will join you up as a member of the NSW Foiling Club for free! The more people, the better. If you have the time, we'd love to see the support from the community our Foil Drive community shared into our wider community here in Australia. 

Watch the video here

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We're all watersports' lovers and we wanted to share an excited new opportunity for Women in Kite Surfing! Hiwagako is a brand new business lead by Jamie from our Foil Drive Dealer, Kite & SUP in Newcastle, Australia. Hiwaga Ko are excited to bring Kite Surfing through retreats in the Philippines. If you, or someone you know would be interested you can check it out here.


From Our Dealers
FOIL DRIVE GEN2 Review from Goodbreeze in Florida

📺 Watch

The Foil Drive community has created some really entertaining content this month, check out the videos below! 




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