The Line Up - January 2024

Hey Foildrivers, welcome to the Line Up where we surf the web together while you wait for your next set to roll in! 

We love keeping up with the greater foiling community, what everyone is up to, new gear and new content and we'd love to share it with you, Foil Drive, and Foil Drive-less, we want to share our stoke... enter The Line Up!

Foil Drive and AXIS Team Riders got together for huge Foil Drive powered downwinder in Tenerife!
Olivia Piana looking after the crew and giving directions making sure everyone got home safe and sound! 🤙
Check out all the action on their pages:

Foil Drive Team Rider Jack Paterson (16, NSW) has placed 11th overall and 4th U19s in the Australian Wing Nationals in Western Australia.

We are stoked to see Jack progressing and genuinely frothing the sport, the community and every opportunity, both on and off his Foil Drive!

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After three years of dedicated Foildriving, we were thrilled to finally meet up with our customer, BJ Barlin. As we sat down with him, he regaled us with one truly remarkable story!

⚠️ Language Warning
Discover how Foil Drive customer, BJ, facing a severe motorcycle accident and daunting recovery, found renewed joy and accomplishment with the Foil Drive Gen2. Paul sat down with him to discuss how he went from being told he'll never foil again, to being back out on the water and loving every minute of it, thanks to his Foil Drive.
📺 Watch!

The Foil Drive community has created some really entertaining content this month, check out the videos below!

Do I need a Foil Drive Gen 2? An honest review & test!

An honest review and some further thoughts on the new Foil Drive Gen 2. Should you get one yourself? What's better for me: Max or Slim battery? Watch the video and find out! 


⚡🏄‍♂🔋 Foil Drive Assist 💨 Le guide avec Hadou Brunner


Hadou Brunner, explore le Foil Drive Assist sous toutes ses coutures.


Five days to Foil | How Foil drive Gen 2 s changing the game.

 Foil Drive have lent me their brand new Gen 2 system, in hopes of getting me over some of the beginner learning curves faster than ever. These are my thoughts as an absolute beginner, There's a lot more to say about Foil Drive so subscribe to see my next video as I progress into some serious pronefoiling and downwinding.

Foil heaven in the UAE with Foil Drive

 Day 7 of riding - body is tired, but soul is happy.

7th January 2023 at Kite Beach Center in UAQ was a day of epic conditions, we surfed from sunrise to sunset. And then this morning, the 8th January 2024, we woke up to to that last bit of glassy leftovers... the water was super clear which made it tricky to judge the depth of the foil!

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