The Line Up - November 2023

Hey Foildrivers, welcome to the Line Up where we surf the web together while you wait for your next set to roll in! 

We love keeping up with the greater foiling community, what everyone is up to, new gear and new content and we'd love to share it with you, Foil Drive, and Foil Drive-less, we want to share our stoke... enter The Line Up!





The Foil Drive team is excited about the upcoming Raging Bull Merimbula Classic in NSW from November 23rd-26th. If you're in the area, come and say "G'day", checkout Gen2 and explore a variety of industry brands.







"Can't get enough of it!
Towed-in by @foildrive
@axisfoils Spitfire860, ultrashort advanced + fuselage, 300 progressive, 82 HM mast 
📹Andrea Kho"

"We have received the different Assist Slim and Assist MAX Kits on which I am preparing a detailed review. A revolutionary concept that will allow you to be even more in the water and progress on both small and large boards in different practice areas. Enjoy!"
With just one Sunova Casey Pilot 4'5" 32L and his Code Foils quiver, Jimmy can now prone surf, downwind and self tow-in massive waves with his Foil Drip Gen2 unlocking a whole new solo playground in his own backyard. No jetskis, car shuttles or waiting around for a chip in required any more.

Check out our About page, learn more about our history, our motivations and meet some of our ambassadors and riders!

📺 Watch

The Foil Drive community has created some really entertaining content this month, check out the videos below! 



Uber Upwind - Gen2 Foil Drive Downwind

Sunshine Beach, Queensland 
Good wind and everyone's busy. No worries. Ordered an Uber and hoped he'd take me with my gear. Small board and Gen 2 Foil Drive



Flat Water Fun with With a Bit of Wake thieving in JA




This was filmed with Xavi (owner of Wind Paradise surf & foil shop, Mataro, near Barcelona) just 2 days before the launch of Gen2 Foil Drive Assists. It shows how good both the Assist Slim and Assist MAX both are for pumping and linking waves, turning unsurfable conditions into a super fun foiling playground.

Foil Drive Gen2 Slim vs MAX vs Assist Plus!!! Choosing the Right Gear

I started off with a video that went over an hour. There is so much to break down with the new gear that I decided to break this down into several videos starting with unit will work best for each foiling discipline.

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