The Line Up - September 2023

Hey Foildrivers, welcome to the Line Up where we surf the web together while you wait for your next set to roll in! 

We love keeping up with the greater foiling community, what everyone is up to, new gear and new content and we'd love to share it with you, Foil Drive, and Foil Drive-less, we want to share our stoke... enter The Line Up!


A Snippet of AWSI

While at AWSI we ran into a stack of dealers, customers and all round frothers! We talked all weekend and managed to capture a few clips to share with you.

 A Quick Wrap Up

Looking back on our trip to AWSI, it was an awesome experience that we are so grateful to have been a part of! AWSI, (Association of Wind and Water Sports Industries) proved to be an incredibly well-executed industry event where brands showcased their latest innovations, and people from around the world came together over one common passion to check it all out! We look forward to bringing you a more in-depth look at the event, what we had on offer and other highlights, but for now, check out the video above where we chat to a range of people, all stoked on Foil Drive! It was a successful and unforgettable trip that left us all inspired for the future of the industry and we can't wait to tell you more about it.


Foil Drive Podcast Now On All Popular Platforms

 Join us on the Foil Drive Podcast as we introduce our founders, Paul and Ben, share the exciting Foil Drive story, and engage in captivating conversations with special guests including Dominic Hoskyns, Mike Zed of JetSurfing Nation, Victor Harris, and local ledgend, Sykesy.

If you'd like to be a part of an upcoming Foil Drive Podcast episode, don't hesitate to reach out!



📺 Watch

The Foil Drive community has created some really entertaining content this month, check out the videos below!

Foil Drive Common Questions

Houston, Texas

Common Questions and Information with Foil Drive dealer Houston Kiteboarding.

Houston Kiteboarding


Stand Up Magazine: Testing Foil Drive for the First Time

Maui, Hawaii

Article - Testing Foil Drive for the First Time

Video - SUP Foil Flat Water Start with the help of the Foil Drive


Foil Drive Session at Sunset Beach (Dubai) by Foil Drive dealer Windward DXB

Dubai, UAE

Having fun with Foil Drive on a flat day at Sunset Beach in Dubai.

Winward DXB



Adelaide, Australia

Full Review of the ART PRO series (sizes 1121, 1051, 1001 & 951).

AXIS Foils

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