Foil Drive MAX Sport Battery

Foil Drive MAX Sport Battery
Foil Drive MAX Sport Battery

Foil Drive MAX Sport Battery,
Lipo Bag,
Power Plug Dust Cap.

Assist MAX

Nominal Voltage: 39.6 V
Max Voltage: 46.2 V
Rated Capacity:  8.4 Ah
Rated Capacity: 332.64 Wh
Battery Weight: 1.85kg (4lbs)
Certifications: UN, CE, IP68

Battery Dimensions (As is)
Assist MAX Sport: 290x75x40
Assist MAX Sport in Bag: 340x100x60



The Foil Drive MAX Sport Battery is the smaller, lighter MAX battery with 332Wh capacity. This offers Assist MAX users the ability to reduce the weight of their install for those riders looking for ultimate performance at the cost of reduced runtime. 

As with all Gen2 Foil Drive batteries, the MAX Sport Battery is certified IP68 rated for increased protection and peace of mind against water and dust. 

The single power plug contains larger connectors that provide power to the Foil Drive unit and smaller connectors for charging the battery. The included dust cap provides extra protection during storage & transport.

Only compatible with Foil Drive Assist MAX. 

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