One of the leading foil brands in the world, AXIS Foils is based in New Zealand and California and offers an extensive range of foiling gear for all abilities and disciplines. The AXIS x Foil Drive collaboration features the 19mm Aluminium Mast, one that has been the most popular amongst the Foil Drive community for some time.

This collaboration is for the AXIS rider who wants to embrace their Foil Drive, while preserving the streamline, highly responsive design of the AXIS masts. Designed for the entire foil line, the AXIS masts are stiff, strong, and ready for any discipline and conditions.

While motor positions are fixed and cannot be changed once installed, the AXIS x Foil Drive Mast Integration is perfect for riders who know exactly where they want their motor, and never want to move it!

AXIS Aluminium Mast

Red Goes Faster!



Seamless Integration
Fully custom Foil Drive x AXIS Mast Base Plate allows for clean cable routing.

Fixed Motor Positions
The Motor & Cable are built into the mast at Foil Drive at a fixed position.

Direct Mounting
Additional base plate bolt holes allow your mast to be mounted directly to your Gen2 Foil Drive System.

We currently offer the 80cm mast length

Note: AXIS Integrated Masts do not come with a doodad, this can be added on additionally if you require one.

AXIS x Foil Drive Boards

The AXIS Foil Drive boards are a collaborative effort by Axis Global Ambassadors and Foil Drive Staff, Dom Hoskyns and Jamie Wise, alongside Axis' Adrian Roper.

3 unique sizes with a longer and narrower shape and a flat section in the rocker to for perfect fitment of the Gen2 Foil Drive.

Constructed with Carbon top and bottom with a PVC sandwich on both sides. This layup makes for a stiff board while remaining still lightweight and strong. 

Full adjustability comes from the longest mast tracks on the market at 42cm (16.5 inches).

Sizes available:
5’0” x 19.0”, 50 litres
5’4” x 19.5”, 60 litres
5’8” x 20.0”, 70 litres


AXIS have been tried and tested by Foil Drive staff, ambassadors and customers.

The Foil Drive Approved Range is designed to highlight gear that has been curated with design features to optimise your experience with your Foil Drive. While you can use Foil Drive with any gear, this range puts a spotlight on the gear that we think is above and beyond when it comes to foildriving.

If you're after some AXIS gear we recommend chatting with one of our Foil Drive AXIS Team Riders


The Axis mast is made of a super stiff Aluminium and has a chord of 19mm and a total mast height of 82cm.

Integrated Masts have become highly desired within the Foil Drive community as they reduce drag and install time while maintaining a sleek look. They are perfect for those who never want to remove their Foil Drive or change the motor position, making for a faster install and a smoother ride!

Foil Drive Integrated Masts cannot be altered. this means that once the motor is in position, you can change where it is placed. You can order a Foil Drive without an Integrated Mast if you wish to do this, or opt for two different Integrated Mast setups.

Integrated Masts do not come standard with Axis Doodads (Fuselage Adaptor), we do have these available online if you wish to add one to your cart. You'll also need your Axis fuse and foils of course!

Currently, boards can be purchased direct from Axis or via one of your local Axis distributors.

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