Foil Drive Podcast | Ep 02 | Dominic Hoskyns

Dom was actually our first customer back when we kicked things off in 2021. And he's not just a blip on the radar – he's become part and parcel of the whole Foil Drive story. The guy's always up for a challenge, pushing the envelope on what you can do with a foil, a board, and some innovation. Oh, and if you're hanging out on Facebook, swing by the Foil Drive Owners Group to shoot the breeze with Dom: Link.

Flash forward to October 2022, and we had the epic pleasure of hosting Dom in sunny Australia for a few days. Big shoutout to him for being a driving force in the worldwide community of Foil Drivers. And hey, if you're up for some rad content – from Foil Drive escapades to everything rad about prone, surf, SUP, wing, and downwind foiling – his channel is an absolute goldmine. Ready to ride the foil wave? Dive into Dom's world

Alternatively, watch the episode

Dominic Hoskyns - YouTube Channel


00:00 - Introduction - Welcome Dominic Hoskyns
01:15 - Foiling in Australia
02:15 - A bit of Dom's History
04:40 - When Dom started Foiling
06:12 - Dom's first Foil setup
08:00 - Dom's setup preferences
08:48 - The YouTube Channel
12:22 - Dom's learning experience
13:28 - How Dom came across Foil Drive
18:10 - Dom's Reviews
20:42 - Foil Drive with a wing
24:15 - The foiling possibilities
27:10 - James Casey
28:10 - Different boards
30:40 - Appletree Surfboards
33:45 - The pop up
35:32 - The impact of Foil Drive
39:20 - Foil Drive frees up congestion in the water
41:21 - Flat water pumping
43:50 - Anyone can get into foiling with Foil Drive
48:50 - You're guaranteed a fun session
53:19 - Finding that compromise and variation
55:20 - The technique
57:57 - Dom's admiration for Foil Drive as a company
1:00:50 - Sharing the froth!
1:03:23 - Foil Drive exists for fun
1:08:00 - Wrap up


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