Designed for Foil Drive

While Foil Drive can enhance ANY gear, some of your favourite brands have customised, Foil Drive boards and accessories, designed to further enhance your ride!

Longer tracks, a flat surface for your Assist MAX or Assist Slim or custom hardware... take a look at a range of optimised Foil Drive gear below!

Your gear, your foils, your way!

Foil Drive Approved
Hydrofoil Wingscrews

Enjoy ultimate adjustability with Hydrofoil Wingscrews designed to fit your Gen2 Foil Drive perfectly. M6, M7 & M8

Available: Foil Drive Online, some Dealers and Hydrofoil Wingscrews

Foil Drive Approved
Kāohi leash

Specifically designed for Foil Drive Controllers, the adjustable Kāohi Leash Cuff secures your controller to your wrist.

Available: Foil Drive Online, some Dealers and direct from Kāohi!

Foil Drive Approved

Crafted for Gen2 Foil Drive, the DC Crossing and Harpoon have been designed by DC alongside Ambassadors and Foil Drive Staff. These are hand shaped to your specifications.

Available: Direct from DC Boards

Designed for Foil Drive
Stinger Boards

Stinger FD Boards feature a sleek and aerodynamic silhouette that slices through the water with ease. Every curve and contour has been meticulously crafted to optimize performance.

Available: Direct from Stinger Boards

Foil Drive Approved
Casey. Foil Drive Courses

Foil Drive Ambassador James Casey now has Foil Drive Courses available as part of his Coach Casey Programs.

Riding Foil Drive for 3 years now, James has all the tips and tricks to get the mostt out of your Foil Drive!