Foil Drive features a very unique Motor System that can be mounted to any foil mast on the market! Our systems mount to your existing gear, and have the versatility to adapt to different gear in a matter of minutes.


Gen2 Motor

For ultimate flexibility.
Streamline, Simple, Sleek

Axis Integration

Strong, Adaptable, Stiff

Project Cedrus

Motor Systems

Gen1 Motor Systems

The Foil Drive Assist PLUS (Gen1) features an inbuilt, fixed motor cable with a length of 200cm (78 inches), this cable cannot be removed. Running external of the mast, the cable is held in place using Mast Cable Guides and tape. After several years in the market, we have found that 200cm is by far the most common, and more diverse length as why we have moved to one common length. Excess cable can be coiled up and tied off when now in use.

Gen2 Motor Systems

Gen2 Foil Drive systems utilise the same robust motor, propellers and mast adaptor as Gen1 with changes to the system modularity. A custom water-resistant motor plug seamlessly connects the electronics box to the motor allowing rider to interchange between a range of different cable lengths. By simply removing 3 bolts and plugging in a new motor, the rider can now have a quiver of motors for different foiling disciplines or preferences.

Integrated Masts

Integrated Masts have become highly desired within the Foil Drive community as they reduce drag and install time while maintaining a sleek look. With more brands on the horizon, we currently offer both Gen1 and Gen2 systems integrated into the Project Cedrus Aluminium Mast or the AXIS 19mm Aluminium Mast.

Note: Gen1 Integrated Masts have the cable Hardwired to the Electronics box and can't be separated. Gen2 Integrated Masts have the Gen2 Motor Plug design.

The beauty of the Gen2 Foil Drive systems is that the Motor is interchangeable. This means you can have a shorter length for assisted foiling in the surf, and a second motor for Flatwater Foildriving! Click here to read more about which length is best for you!

All kits now include

Mast Adapter

Motor Pods

Motor Pods are the piece that attach the motor to your mast. These are made up of two main parts, the Mast Adaptor and the Universal Motor Pod.

The Universal Motor Pod is the outer, injection moulded sleeve that forms a hydrodynamic shape that the motor can then be bolted to.

The Mast Adaptor is the internal, 3D printed part that is custom designed for each specific foil mast. We have a growing list of over 100 masts, each with a custom designed adaptor. You may ask why we don't have a universal, one size fits all, solution? This is because doing so would require a bulky shape and would not be hydrodynamic or provide a strong, stiff connection to your mast..

Additional Mast adaptors can be purchased and all fit inside the outer Universal Motor Pod.


While we do have an extensive range of Mast Adaptors, if your mast is not listed you you can read more about the process here, then send us an email to

We have an extensive list available that notes each brand and the mast name against a Motor Pod Number. If you are unsure which mast you have, we highly recommend taking the measurements listed on this list and crosschecking them against the measurements of your mast.

Note: Although the measurements of a different brand may match your mast, this does not guarantee the fitment as the physical shape my be different.

Existing Gen1 Units cannot currently be converted to Gen2 Motor Systems with a plug.