The Assist Slim is smaller and lighter with a shorter run time, designed for performance foiling. It offers enough power for assisted foiling, while remaining super compact!

For Performance Riding


Who Rides The Slim?

At just 35mm thin, the Assist Slim is engineered for the performance orientated rider. No matter if its ripping turns on a prone board, sending downwind missions in bombing conditions, enabling smaller gear winging, or extending a pump foil session, the Assist Slim is a high-performance machine.

With reduced battery capacity comes shorter runtimes, however despite its size, the Assist Slim with the Performance battery packs quite the punch, still able to launch heavier riders up on to foil with ease.

With its low weight positioned optimally under your board, once you’re up on foil you will hardly notice you still have it mounted up to your gear at all!

Tech Specs

Maximum Thrust: 25.5kg (56.2lbs)
Weight Range: 2.3 - 2.8kg (5.0-6.1lbs) depending on battery
Max. Dimensions: L510 x W125 x H35mm
Min. Dimensions: L415 x W125 x H35mm

Operating Voltage: 40V
Runtime (Generalised): 20min-2hrs depending on use case, battery and other variables.
Recharge Time: Appx. 1hr (Performance Battery)
Batteries: IP68 rated dust and water resistant.


The Assist Slim mounts between your mast plate and the board. As mast tracks are universal, this means it fits any board! Simply use the provided Foil Drive Locking T Nuts and longer bolts. Sandwich your Gen2 Foil Drive between your gear for optimal weight distribution and hydrodynamics.

Note: Boards with Carbon Tracks are experiencing connectivity issues. We are working on a solution for this, for more click here.

Removable Motors

With three simple screws, the motor plug can be removed, allowing the rider to change their cable length and therefore motor mounting position depending on the use case.

With options to use your own foil mast or a fully integrated option, there is more ways to tune your setup than ever!

Slim Performance Battery

The smaller Slim battery, great for those who’re wanting a punchy, high performing, light-weight ride at the cost of less runtime than the Endurance. This battery must be used with the Assist Slim, Nose Cone D.

Capacity: 166.32Wh
Volts: 40V
Battery Weight: 1kg (2.2lbs)
Weight (Installed): 2.3kg (5lbs)

Dimensions (Installed):
L415 x W125 x H35mm
Dimensions (Battery Only):
L320 x W75 x H21mm

Slim Endurance Battery

The larger Slim battery, great for longer runtimes. However, with a lower voltage, it doesn’t not provide the same level of thrust as the Slim Performance Battery. This battery must be used with the Assist Slim, Nose Cone C.

Capacity: 241.92Wh
Volts: 28V
Battery Weight: 1.4kg (3lbs)
Weight (Installed): 2.8kg (6.1lbs)

Dimensions (Installed):
L510 x W125 x H35mm
Dimensions (Battery Only):
L410 x W75 x H21mm