Foil Drive Team Riders are better known as Foil Drive family. These guys live and breath all aspects of foiling and each have their own love for Foil Drive.

You'll find them all over the world, from time at Foil Drive events, and always keen to share their froth!

James Casey

After a cold call back before Foil Drive was born, James has been an incredible part of our Foil Drive family for some time now!

Between ripping on a Foil Drive himself and providing online and in person coaching as part of his Coach Casey. Club, James gets up to all sorts with Foil Drive in hand. A world class rider and co-founder or Code Foils, we're stoked to have James out there sharing his Foil Drive journey.

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Olivia Piana

Olivia is a French water woman and pioneer of foiling in France. With multiple wins under her belt, Olivia is paving the way for Women in the sport and we're stoked to have her out with her Foil Drive!

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Paul Cooper

Hawaiian Prone ripper, Paul has fallen in love with hybrid electric assist prone foiling!

Paul loves a hard carving turn across the face of a wave and with straps we can't wait to see some Foil Drive big airs!

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Josh Ku

Josh is an all round amazing waterman, foiling, diving, surfing, you name it! Josh has some incredible ideas up his sleeve so be sure to give him a follow!

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Hadou Brunner

Hadou is located in France offering a range of information and insight into everything Foiling. Now with a Foil Drive in hand, Hadou has a wealth of knowledge.

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Lucas Schuler

Catch Lukas over on Instagram (FoilOnly) cruising and carving his Axis Prone setup, mkaing it look like a breeze!

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Tom Earl

Prone Foildriving is the name of the game, Tom absolutely ripping, extending his session and pushing is own limits!

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Dave West

The Foil Lord himself! Mr Dave West is a Prone and Downwind foil shredder from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Personally we feel like Dave kinda burst onto the foiling scene pretty quicky with his very raw, honest and straight talking reviews, tutorials and rapidly progressing riding.

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Jack Paterson

Jack has been a long time Foildriver, watching his dad get hooked, then joining him with his own Foil Drive. Jack is the nicest guy out and absolutely rips! A world of potential, remember this name... you'll see him around more and more!

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Will Leady

Will is an all round top guy from Florida and loves his Foil Drive! Find him pumping circles around you and sharing his froth!

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Jamie Wise

You might have seen some young guy absolutely ripping on his prone board, wing tips out everywhere, meet Jamie! Not only a killer foiler, Jamie works for Foil Drive building your kits and extensive testing alongside Paul. In the water and on the land he knows foiling isnide out.

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Dom Hoskyns

A name you've surely heard by now, Dominic was Foil Drive Owner #1 and has been 100% committed to Foildriving since day one! A British teacher, living in Oman, Dom soon found himself in Australia and is now based in the Netherlands heading up Foil Drive Europe!

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