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The Foil Lord himself! Dave West is a Prone and Downwind foil shredder from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Personally I feel like Dave kinda burst onto the foiling scene pretty quicky with his very raw, honest and straight talking reviews, tutorials and rapidly progressing riding. His Youtube video style is very "everyday guy likes foiling and wants to help you learn and like it too" kinda vibe...


Dave can rip on a Foil Drive Prone board setup in the waves!

At his home break in the Sunny Coast


Dave's first visit down to Foil Drive HQ in Adelaide, Australia.

While his first FD powered Downwinder didn't quite go to plan, it could have been a lot, lot worse!


Struggle street 

The video that he is very well known for and the one I finally went "ok enough's enough, lets chat with this guy" was his raw and quite brutally honest thoughts on learning to down wind foil. 



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  • Greg Watson

    Hi Dave, I have been watching your channel and podcast for a bit now
    About to pull the trigger on a Max unit
    I notice you are out at the Maroochy river mouth a bit do you set off from the south or north side?
    I am in Coolum
    Thinking of getting into the bay at Mooloolaba for initial rides
    ANy advise on initial starting up would be appreciated

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