NoLimitz began with its roots in Windsurfing back in 1982 when founder Steve Maier recognised a need for better masts. He went to work on a mast made with prepreg carbon fibre, a reduced inner diameter, and a thick wall. Steve believed that the thicker wall and the reduced diameter would greatly increase the strength of the mast, while keeping the mast light and flexible.

Fast forward to AWSI in Hood River, 2023 and the NoLimitz Team meet with Paul and Ben, founders of Foil Drive! The thought of a lightweight, stiff mast integration was irresistible... and here we are!

NoLimitz Carbon Mast

Stiffer & Lighter


The Foil Drive NoLimitz V2 Integrated Mast combines the lightest stiff mast in the world with the lightest, most powerful electronic motor in the world. The result is a beautifully integrated product that results in a lighter, faster, and more efficient set up. As seen in the videos - the ride is silky smooth, responsive, and quick. Significantly, there is a 15-20% increase in battery life due to the NoLimitz’s reduction in drag and ease in popping up out of the water.   

The infamous NoLimitz V2 ultra light, ultra stiff carbon mast is now Powered by Foil Drive!

The V2 NoLimitz Mast is significantly stiffer, significantly faster, and still featherlight. Using a layup of high modulus materials and our proprietary hollow core technology, NoLimitz have achieved more with less. The result - an ultra stiff, thin and fast, featherweight mast. 

Seamless Integration
Fully custom Foil Drive x NoLimitz Mast Base Plate allows for clean cable routing.

Fixed Motor Positions
The Motor & Cable are built into the mast at Foil Drive at a fixed position.

Direct Mounting
Additional base plate bolt holes allow your mast to be mounted directly to your Gen2 Foil Drive System.

We currently offer the 78cm and 85cm mast length.

Note: NoLimitz Integrated Masts have specific adaptors for different foil brands. Adaptors cannot be changed and are binded to the mast.


The NoLimitz mast is made of a super stiff Carbon and gets its stiffness from the unique design of the layup of high modulus materials used in its construction with a Hard Anodized Board Adapter.

The mast is available in 78cm and 85ch lengths.

Integrated Masts have become highly desired within the Foil Drive community as they reduce drag and install time while maintaining a sleek look. They are perfect for those who never want to remove their Foil Drive or change the motor position, making for a faster install and a smoother ride!

Foil Drive Integrated Masts cannot be altered. this means that once the motor is in position, you can change where it is placed. You can order a Foil Drive without an Integrated Mast if you wish to do this, or opt for two different Integrated Mast setups.

The NoLimitz Integrated Mast comes with everything you need other than the Foil Drive Kit itself and your foils.

The Adaptor is custom bonded to the mast specific to your order and cannot be changed.

Once you order, you cannot change the adaptor. However, NoLimitz Masts are compatible with Jim Stringfellow Adaptors.