If you are having an issue with the operation of your Foil Drive, we highly recommend searching for key words in our extensive Help Center that contains many articles, instructional, troubleshooting and tips and tricks with both videos and text.

Please consider the handmade nature of our product regarding cosmetic or appearance-based imperfections, it doesn’t affect your ride or fun!  

Warranty Claim

If you have a product that has been damaged in transit, has failed or is faulty due to a flaw or manufacturing defect, please follow the instructions below.

Disclaimer: Warranty claims are made at the sole descretion of Foil Drive as per our warranty policy. We will always work hard to get you back on the water as soon as possible!

Email instructions:

1. Please copy and paste the questions below as plain text into a new email

2. Fill out all the information. Don't miss anything. The clearer you are, the quicker we can help.

3. Send your warranty email to
support (at) foildrive (dot) com
and we'll get back to you.



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