The Foil Drive Assist MAX is the flagship model with maximum power, runtime, thrust and versatility. Suitable for any rider at any skill level for just about any type of foiling you can imagine! The Assist MAX does it all!

Foil Drive Assist MAX on DC Foil Boards and Project Cedrus Mast - Photographer Shannon Stent Larry Foiler
Top of the line

MAX Power,
MAX runtime

Who rides the MAX?

It doesn't matter if your surfing, down winding, Winging or in flat Water, the Assist Max is for everyone, however heavier riders and those wanting to just pull the trigger and fly will love the extra run time and thrust.

If you've been around Foil Drive before, the Assist MAX is for anyone who loves the runtime of the Assist PLUS and is keen on more power and more runtime! If you're new to Foil Drive, the MAX is the perfect all rounder!

Tech Specs

Maximum Thrust: 27.5kg (60.6lbs) with Three Blade Alloy Props
Weight Range: 3.4 - 4.5kg (7.4-9.9lbs) depending on battery
Max. Dimensions: L525 x W125 x H50mm
Min. Dimensions: L415 x W125 x H50mm

Operating Voltage: 40V
Runtime (Generalised): 40min-4hrs depending on use case, battery and other variables.
Recharge Time: Appx. 2-3.5hrs (Power Battery)
Batteries: IP68 rated dust and water resistant.

Install on any Foil Board & Mast

Gen2 Foil Drive Systems mount between your mast plate and the board. As foil mast tracks are universal, this means it fit's any board! Simply use the provided locking T nuts and longer mast bolts. Sandwich your Gen2 Foil Drive between your gear for optimal weight distribution and a clean top board surface.

Note: Boards with Carbon Tracks are experiencing connectivity issues. We are working on a solution for this, for more click here.

Removable Motors

With three simple screws, the motor plug can be removed, allowing the rider to change their cable length and therefore motor mounting position depending on the use case.

With options to use your own foil mast or a fully integrated option, there are more ways to tune your setup than ever!

MAX Power Battery

The largest MAX battery offering the longest run time with high power performance. This battery must be used with the Assist MAX, Nose Cone A.

Volts: 40V
Energy: 498.69Wh
Battery Weight: 2.6kg (5.7lbs)
Weight (Installed): 4.5kg (9.9lbs)

Dimensions (Installed):
L525 x W125 x H50mm
Dimensions (Battery Only):
L420 x W75 x H40mm

MAX Sport Battery

The smaller, lighter MAX battery, with a reduce weight and runtime. This battery must be used with the Assist MAX, Nose Cone B.

Volts: 40v
Energy: 332.64Wh
Battery Weight: 1.8kg (3.9lbs)
Weight (Installed): 3.4kg (7.4lbs)

Dimensions (Installed):
L415 x W125 x H50mm
Dimensions (Battery Only):
L290 x W75 x H40