The Foil Drive Family

We can't wait to expand on each of our team members with their own write up, for now we want to shout out our epic team!
Paul, Ben, Dom, Travis, Eleri, Emma, Caitlyn, Jamie, Sara, Angela, Imogen, Sarah, Amanda, Levi, Jacob, Julian, Gloria, Nate, Angus, Ben H, Will, Megan and Anna.

Special mention to our local legends Skyesy, Darren, Scotty and Tipple who help round out our local Foil Drive crew too!

Below you'll find a bit about us and our Team Riders and Friends of Foil Drive! We believe in working with people who honestly love what we do and who want to be a part of it! You'll find all kinds of riders from Pro's to absolute beginners and we wouldn't want it any other way!

About Foil Drive

Foil Drive started out as a personal project of CEO & chief designer Paul. With an injured shoulder, he had the desire to catch more waves in the limited free time he had and from further out the back where most waves are unridden. The local crew soon got around it and all wanted one, queue Foil Drive...

Paul brings a range of experience to the table, having founded the first commercial Drone operation in Australia and over 20 years of experience designing RC aircraft, electric skateboards, scooters and mountain bikes. His passion expanded into jetboards and electric surfboards, then came foiling! The initial electric foils he created, while powerful, were just too heavy for surf. This led to the concept of a super-lightweight, retro-fit motor kit designed to provide just enough assistance to get on the foil while minimizing weight and maintaining optimal hydrodynamics and performance of any existing gear.

Our other co-founder, Ben, has known Paul for over 10 years. Having met through RC aircraft, then working together in the drone industry the boys had a common passion for outdoor sports and quickly found themselves wanting to get out foiling more & more as the sport developed.

The concept of hybrid “Foildriving” quickly spread and very soon riders from all over the world were asking how they could join in on the fun!

Paul and Ben

Meet the Founders