Project Cedrus is a brand based in California, offering hand-crafted, super stiff foil masts. The design features custom, interchangeable fuselage adapters that allow the rider to us a range of different brands of foils with their mast. This collaboration ties in with the Foil Drive vision, allowing riders to use a range of different gear with their setup.

You’ll find a range of adapters available from Foil Drive, with other adapters available direct from Project Cedrus. Simply select your motor height, Foil Drive kit and your adapter to experience a streamline installation, and drag free riding! Depending on your mast, you’ll either require a mast adapter or a full fuselage adapter.

While motor positions are fixed and cannot be changed once installed, the Project Cedrus x Foil Drive Mast Integration is perfect for riders who know exactly where they want their motor, and never want to move it!

Project Cedrus

One Mast, Many Foils

Seamless Integration
For a clean & sleek appearance with the best hydrodynamic performance in mind.

Fixed Motor Positions
The Motor & Cable are built in position at Foil Drive and are not adjustable.

Foil Adaptors
Project Cedrus produces adaptors for mounting many different foil brands to your mast.

We currently offer the 80cm mast length


The Project Cedrus mast is made of a super stiff Aluminium and has a chord of 19mm and a total mast height of 80cm.

Integrated Masts have become highly desired within the Foil Drive community as they reduce drag and install time while maintaining a sleek look. They are perfect for those who never want to remove their Foil Drive or change the motor position, making for a faster install and a smoother ride!

Foil Drive Integrated Masts cannot be altered. this means that once the motor is in position, you can change where it is placed. You can order a Foil Drive without an Integrated Mast if you wish to do this, or opt for two different Integrated Mast setups.

Project Cedrus Masts are a super stiff, aluminium mast that allows the rider to interchange between different foil brands using either a Foil Adaptor or a Fuselage Adaptor.

Project Cedrus are always adding to their range of adaptors, just like us here at Foil Drive. There are some adaptors that we do not carry so if you're after something we don't list, head over to the Project Cedrus Website.

Mast Adaptors stocked by Foil Drive:

SKU 082-1 Axis
SKU 082-2 F-One
SKU 082-3 Lift
SKU 082-4 Unifoil
SKU 082-5 Takuma 3 Bolt M6
SKU 085-6 Cabrinha
SKU 085-7 SAB Kraken
SKU 085-8 Code Foils

Fuselage Adaptors stocked by Foil Drive:

SKU 082-9 Armstrong 60cm
SKU 082-10 GoFoil V2