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Ready to take your Gen2 Foil Drive system to the next level? Look no further than the Foil Drive App, your go-to solution for ultimate ride optimisation to suit your needs!

Gen2 Foil Drive systems have the ability to connect to your device and modify the way you ride. With features like Boost Mode, varied Power Modes and other Advanced Settings, this app will continue to evolve into your one stop spot!

If using Slim Batteries, you MUST use the app so it can program the voltage.

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Power Modes

When connected to the App, pre-programmed Power Modes can be altered depending on what kind of ride you're after. There are four different modes, each with varied power output, spool time of the motor, cut-off time (Latency) and acceleration. Low, Medium and high-power Modes each have the same default settings but with different power outputs.


Slow Acceleration - Fast Cut Off - Reduced Power
For those learning or seeking a gentler ride. This power mode provides a controlled and smooth experience with reduced power.


Low Acceleration - 300m/s Cut Off
Ideal for lightweight riders who don't require the power with the benefit of more runtime due to the power limitation.


Standard Acceleration - 300m/s Cut Off
Ideal for most riders using larger size boards and foils. If the conditions are optimal, Medium Mode can be used instead of High to conserve battery.


Standard Acceleration - 300m/s Cut Off
For heavier riders or those using smaller volume boards or foils. This setting provides the most power and is ideal when needing the most assistance!

Boost Mode

For those seeking an extra kick, Boost Mode awaits. Adjust the Boost Mode percentage to your preference, granting you additional power during the most crucial first 12 seconds of take-off. If you prefer not to use it, you can simply switch it off within the app.

Tailor your ride to suit your style, gear and conditions.

Latency Control (Advanced Setting)

Define the time it takes for the motor to disengage in the event of a connection loss between the Foil Drive and Controller. Personalise this feature to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring both a thrilling experience and an added layer of safety.

Your ride, your way.

Mobile device compatibility

Available for iPhone (iOS 13+) and Android (version 12+)

With the Foil Drive App, you're on the verge of an enhanced Gen2 Foil Drive experience.

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