Foil Drive x NoLimitz v2 Integrated Mast

Foil Drive x NoLimitz v2 Integrated Mast

- Custom Integrated NoLimitz v2 Mast (choice of length and foil adaptor built in)
- Foil Drive Mast Bag
- Foil Drive Motor with 2 Blade Propeller
- Integrated Mast Bolt Set

Gen 2 Foil Drive

NoLimitz v2 Mast with Custom top plate for integrated Foil Drive motor.

Integrated mast mounting points for connecting mast to Gen2 Foil Drive electronics box.


The lightest, most streamlined integrated Foil Drive mast on the market.

The best just got better
. The Foil Drive NoLimitz V2 Integrated Mast combines the lightest stiff mast in the world with the lightest, most powerful electronic  

The result is a beautifully integrated product that results in a lighter, faster, and more efficient set up. As seen in the videos - the ride is silky smooth, responsive, and quick. Significantly, there can be a 15-20% increase in battery life due to the NoLimitz’s reduction in drag and ease in popping up out of the water.   

The NoLimitz fuselage connection is built to your specification with fuselage adapters available for all the major brands.

This product is designed to maximize your fun from your foiling experience, whether you’re SUP down winding, prone foiling, winging, or simply pumping around your local lake.

Simply choose:

  • 78 or 85cm Mast Length
  • A Fixed Motor Mounting Position - We recommend 15cm/6", 20cm/8", 25cm/10", 70cm/27.5"
  • A Fixed, non-removable Mast Adaptor to suit the brand of foil you ride

Note: Once ordered, you cannot change the specifications of your mast as they are custom made.

This Mast currently has a 6-8 week lead time.

NoLimitz does not offer a universal fuselage adaptor, they offer brand specific adaptors that are permanently attached to the mast. However, Jim Stringfellow makes a wide variety of adapters that go onto our Takuma 3 bolt adapter, which makes that mast compatible with a variety of additional foil brands. Foil Drive WILL NOT be supplying or selling Jim Stringfellow adaptors at this time. Contact him directly to enquire.

For the complete details on the V2 compatibility, click here: