Mat McKinnon | Team Rider Profile

Tell us a little bit about yourself, how long have you been foiling and where are you from? 
Mathew Mckinnon, born in South Australia and moved to Coffs Harbour Northern NSW early 2000s, grew up on the beach and surfed most weeks as a kid. I now live in a small town called Sandy Beach.
What sparked your interest in Foil Drive?
It was actually James Casey, a few years ago I had a one on one prone lesson with James in small surf conditions, we had a conversion after the session and he mentioned a product called “Foil Drive," the waves that day were hard to paddle into as it was too small and that started the conversation about Foil Drive and what it can do to allow you to get up regardless of the conditions.
What was the learning curve like with Foil Drive?
I started on a efoil after receiving a complementary efoil lesson as a gift from my sister in law, so for me going from a heavy efoil down to a prone foil with a Foil Drive was the next progression in my foil journey, I was blown away by the lightness underfoot and was hooked after the first session out in the surf.
What is your go to Foil Drive setup and why, and what’s your weight?
Definitely the MAX paired with the MAX Sport battery, 15cm Mast Location, 3 Blade Prop for that extra grip!
Tell us about which type of foiling you’re most in to, what’s a standard session out foiling for you?
I am a Surf Foiler, always checking the swell and wind for the ultimate surf session!! Not into downwinding yet so my day to day addictions is all about the ultimate wave!
What is your next adventure with your Foil Drive?
Hoping to join the foil drive team and head to Hood river, would be amazing to meet all the industry legends and suppliers that make all these amazing foil toys. 
Who would you think would benefit the most from having a Foil Drive?
To be honest I think ALL foilers regardless of experience could benefit from a Foil Drive set up in the garage, perfect for those flat days on the coast or the days when you might need a push out on the open sea downwinding. Clearly it helps beginners to get a feel of getting on foil and the assisted advantage of getting the extra power to get on the waves earlier.

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