DC Shaping Co. is result of years of passion by founder Dale Chapman stemming from his time a s a grom in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast. From surf lifesaving to being in the water himself, Dale spend his fair share of time riding in comps locally and eventually for brands like Mango, Billabong and Hot Tuna. Dale has a really detailed write up of how he started out shaping and how his business has grown into what it is today.

Fast forward and Travis Murphy, was starting at Foil Drive. If you want to talk gear, Trav is your guy. he takes every opportunity to share his experience with Dale and his boards and now every second board at HQ is a DC! quick turnaround and customisation, DC Boards are really well rounded and considered for Foildriving.

Foil Drive Assist MAX on DC Foil Boards and Project Cedrus Mast - Photographer Shannon Stent Larry Foiler



DC Boards have been tried and tested by Foil Drive staff, ambassadors and customers.

The Foil Drive Approved Range is designed to highlight gear that has been curated with design features to optimise your experience with your Foil Drive. While you can use Foil Drive with any gear, this range puts a spotlight on the gear that we think is above and beyond when it comes to foildriving.

If you're after a DC Foil Drive Board, be sure to mentione it when chatting to the DC Team!

DC x Foil Drive Boards

Dale was the first shaper to produce a dedicated Foil Drive board range and work closely with the Foil Drive team in Australia. The boards have had hundreds of hours testing and refinement from Dale and team riders. With the space evolving daily, Dale’s made-to-order process gets you riding the latest refinements the team riders are on and avoid out-of-date production model delays.


Magic bottom shape designed for ultra-quick planning and minimal drag > maximise battery life and time on foil

Full Carbon Construction with perfect connectivity > instant through-board connectivity to your Foil Drive remote

Narrow Outline > allows perfect volume distribution for quick take offs and on-edge carves

Foil Drive Bundle: Dale is an authorised Foil Drive retailer.

Sizes available:
Choose from stock dimensions or customise your board

4’10” x 18.0”, 40 litres
5’0” x 18.5”, 40 litres
5’2” x 19.0”, 44 litres
5’5” x 20.0”, 55 litres
5’8” x 20.0”, 60 litres
Custom x Custom X Custom


Currently, boards can be purchased direct from Dale Chapman in Australia.