Foil Drive Podcast | EP 06 | BJ Barlin | Back Foiling Post Major Injury

Having come down to Adelaide, Australia, to meet the team and check out Foil Drive Gen2 first hand, we were moved by the story of one of our customers and how he came into Foildriving with a Gen2 Kit. With BJ's story reminding Paul of why he first create what we now know as a foil assist, they both agreed it was a story to share, to inspire.

Paul and BJ sit down and recount an incredible discussion they had on the water, one that brought these two grown men to tears while out foiling. With BJ keen to inspire others, the two sat down and recorded the story to share. Throughout the conversation, BJ shared his remarkable story of resilience through a major accident that left him not only in a wheelchair for months, but off his motorbikes and out of the surf for good... That's all until he found Foil Drive. 

As the conversation unfolded, BJ recounted his initiation into the world of Foil Driving and foiling. BJ shared his struggles with conventional foiling techniques and highlighted the crucial role that the Foil Drive Assist Kit played in his learning process. Little did they know that his journey would take a challenging turn when a motocross accident left him with a broken femur and life-threatening injuries, seemingly jeopardising his life long connection with motocross, surfing and now foiling.

BJ described the aftermath of the accident, waking up to the realisation that his foot was touching his head. The severity of his injuries, including a fractured femur in four places, raised concerns about potential leg loss. The recovery journey was arduous, and doctors cautioned against participating in impact sports, leaving BJ with the belief that he may never foil again.

Amidst the setbacks, the conversation turns with the discovery of hydrid foiling, something that has since reshape the opportunities and significantly reduced the limitations of his injuries. The Gen2 Foil Drive emerged as a game changer for BJ. This technology not only reignited his passion for foiling but also offered a viable solution for individuals facing mobility challenges.

Paul recounts the origins of Foil Drive, reflecting on his desire to create a tool, that would allow an older shoulder injury to seemingly disappear when out in the surf. The electric assist capabilities and user-friendly design of the Gen2 not only helped BJ overcome physical limitations but also provided a renewed sense of joy and accomplishment. 

BJ's journey with the Gen2 challenged his initial scepticism about assisted foiling. The technology not only facilitated his return to the water but also changed his perspective, acknowledging its potential to open doors for others facing similar challenges. What was once perceived as a hurdle became a powerful tool for exercise, reshaping conventional views on adaptive sports like Foildriving.

BJ Barlin's remarkable journey, as shared in the podcast interview with Paul, serves as an inspiration to all who’re looking at assisted foiling as a means to keep doing what they love. His resilience and the power of the Gen2 highlight the boundless possibilities that Foil Drive and hydrid foiling brings to the world of water sports. As we continue to witness advancements in innovation, BJ's story reinforces the belief that technology has the capacity to break barriers and make recreation accessible to everyone.

We hope you take the time to listen to this one, a story that frames the true potential and core values of Foildriving. 

Watch the podcast here

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