Inline Battery Checker

Inline Battery Checker

1x Inline Battery Checker

40V - MAX Power, MAX Sport, Slim Performance

Dual input Inline battery checker


This inline battery checker can be plugged in between your charger and your battery allowing you to see an active read out of your batteries current state of charge.  

It should be noted that while a charge is in progress, the battery checker will display a slightly higher reading than the actual value of the battery due to the current flowing into the battery during charge. The see the true state of charge, simply unplug the charger from the checker and wait 30 seconds for the reading to stabilise.


Inline Battery Checker for 40v batteries only! 

In addition, these have been programmed to display voltages. Simply single press the power button once plugged in and it will toggle the display. This is useful for tech heads, and can be used if we need to troubleshoot with you.