Foil Drive Assist

Foil-Drive-Assist-S22-3 - All inclusions with the Foil Drive Assist
Foil-Drive-Assist-S22-7 - With V2 Paddle Mount Included

Foil Drive Assist
Foil Drive Assist Battery
Folding Propellers (Variations)
1x Extra Set Standard Propellers (Spare)
Motor Pod (Variations)
Wireless Throttle Controller
Paddle Mount

3M Dual Lock (preinstalled) for mounting
3x Board Cable Guides (1x Short, 2x Long)
4x Mast Cable Guides
1x 2.5mm M3 Hex Driver (Spare Bolts inside)
Wrist Floaty
1x Lipo Safe Bag
Stubby Cooler for motor protection
Battery Charger (AUS or US Plug (To Specify)
Wireless charger for controller
1x Re-Usable Silicon Tie

You cannot flatwater foil with the Assist.


$3,235.00 AUD (exc. taxes & GST)

The Assist is designed for the everyday foiler who wants a little more power or an added safety blanket. Whether it's there to help you up on foil catching waves, allowing you to get out in more conditions, or piece of mind not having to paddle back in when offshore downwind/wing dinging if all goes bad, the Assist is the perfect solution, without sacrificing weight or the feeling or purist foiling!

The Assist provides added power for a range of abilities from people starting out to experienced foilers. No matter if your goal is to improve your technique or simply get out there longer, more often, we'll have you flying in no time!

Limitations: Foil Drive Assist cannot be used on flatwater or smaller prone style boards. We recommend the Assist PLUs for these use cases, also for heavier riders.

Mast Compatibility and Motor Pods: We have a growing number of motor pods. Please check the table HERE before ordering. The best way to ensure you have the correct motor pod is to check the measurements against our table. If your mast is not listed, please contact us!

Lead time is approx 2-3 weeks + shipping

Install weight: 3kg
Operating Voltage: 22-25v
Max Thrust: 21kg/46 lbs
Runtime: 25min-2hrs depending on throttle usage and other variables
Recharge time: Appx. 2hrs
Install time: 10mins