Foil Drive Assist PLUS x Project Cedrus Integrated Mast

Foil Drive Assist PLUS x Project Cedrus Integrated Mast
Foil Drive Assist PLUS x Project Cedrus Integrated Mast

Foil Drive Assist Plus Integrated
Foil Drive Assist PLUS Standard Battery
Project Cedrus Mast (Variations)
Project Cedrus Adaptor (Variations Including NA)
Folding Propellers (Variations)
Wireless Throttle Controller
Paddle Mount

3M Dual Lock (preinstalled) for mounting
3x Board Cable Guides (1x Short, 2x Long)
1x 2.5mm M3 Hex Driver (Spare Bolts inside)
Wrist Floaty
1x Lipo Safe Bag
Stubby Cooler for motor protection
Battery Charger (AUS or US Plug (To Specify)
Wireless charger for controller
1x Re-Usable Silicon Tie

Motor Pod Positions are final and cannot be altered.

Assist PLUS
Project Cedrus

Install weight: 3.7kg (Assist PLUS) - 6.15kg (Total Install weight with 80cm Mast)
Operating Voltage: 28-32v
Max Thrust: 24.5kg (Aluminium Propellers)
Runtime: 30min-3hrs depending on use case and other variables.Recharge time: Appx. 2hrs (Standard Battery)
Install time: 5mins


$5,999.00 AUD (exc. taxes & GST)

Want to optimise your ride, enter the Foil Drive Assist PLUS Project Cedrus Integration!

This collaboration brings you the best of both where your Foil Drive Assist PLUS becomes fully integrated with the beautifully crafted, Aluminium Project Cedrus Mast and Adaptors. For riders who wish to have a fixed motor position, upgrading to a Cedrus integration will make your riding experience smoother than ever.

The internal cable significantly reduces drag both in the water, and on re-entry, improving your efficiency, glide and hydrodynamics.

Handmade in the US, the Project Cedrus Aluminium Mast is the perfect pairing, aligning with our ethos of a product that can be used with your existing foil gear. Project Cedrus has a growing list of fuselage adaptors that allow you to ride your existing foils.

Project Cedrus Adaptors: Here at Foil Drive we offer the more popular Project Cedrus adaptors Adapters. You can find order other adaptors direct from Project Cedrus HERE.

NB: The use of boards that feature carbon fibre foil tracks cannot be guaranteed to have solid wireless connection with Gen2. Known brands with connectivity issues include Armstrong FG boards, Takuma Rising Sun, Takoon.