Foil Drive 28v Battery Charger

       Foil-Drive-Lithium-Battery-Charger-Assist-Plus-S22-4 - AU and US Plug Types
Foil Drive 28v Battery Charger
Foil Drive 28v Battery Charger

1x Foil Drive charger specific to your unit

110-240v Lithium Battery Charger for your Foil Drive Battery.

Please select correct charger to suit your battery - This charger is for 28v Batteries ONLY

Assist PLUS battery requires a 28v charger.

Chargers are available in both AU or a US plug type, please specify which you require. 

Do not use other chargers with your Foil Drive Batteries, do not modify the battery or charger in any way.

Chargers now have a V2 Battery Adaptor Heat Shrunk on the connection end. If you have a V1 battery and require a new charger, this adaptor can simply be removed to reveal the V1 plug type.

Click here for more information on how to charge your Foil Drive battery.