Assist PLUS Small 4.2ah Battery

   Foil-Drive-Assist-PLUS-V2-Small-Battery-S22-4 - Compared to Standard Battery
   Foil-Drive-Assist-PLUS-V2-Small-Battery-S22-5 - Compared to Standard Battery
   Foil-Drive-Assist-PLUS-V2-Small-Battery-S22-6 - Can be combined with a second Small Battery


Additional Lithium-Ion battery for the Foil Drive Assist PLUS system only. Not compatible with Assist.

Standard 12.6ah Battery = 1.7kg
Small 4.2ah Battery = 0.6kg (Strictly no e-foiling)

The Small 4.2ah Battery is perfect for Wing Ding riders or competent Down Wind Foilers who want to reduce weight for pumping and turning and only need to use full power for very short periods to get up on foil.

Want to take your Foil Drive Assist PLUS on holidays with you? With the Small 4.2ah batteries, now you can! The Small Battery (120.9wh) is under the 160wh energy limit for airline travel.

Important: When flying on your chosen airline, be sure to contact them well before you fly. Please read this article for further direction as to the limitations and safety processes to follow when flying - DG rules are taken extremely seriously and must not be broken.

Grab one of our Small Battery Parallel Y Leads to join 2x Small 4.2ah Batteries together in parallel and enjoy your Assist PLUS with a medium capacity!

The battery is purpose designed, built, and tested especially for the Foil Drive Assist system. Every battery has been carefully manufactured and extensively tested in house, featuring a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure safety. The BMS manages the charge rate, balance of the individual cells, low and high voltage cut-off, internal resistance and temperature monitoring.

If you are purchasing a new battery and have an existing charger, you may require a V2 Battery Adaptor Lead. We have changed the plugs on the V2 batteries so original V1 Charger require this adaptor lead, you can learn more and purchase one HERE