Foil Drive 28v Battery Charger - Assist PLUS

       Foil-Drive-Lithium-Battery-Charger-Assist-Plus-S22-4 - AU and US Plug Types
Foil Drive 28v Battery Charger - Assist PLUS
Foil Drive 28v Battery Charger - Assist PLUS

1x Foil Drive charger specific to your unit


110-240v Lithium Battery Charger for your Foil Drive Assist PLUS Battery.

Please select correct charger to suit your battery - This charger is for 28v Batteries ONLY

Assist PLUS battery requires a 28v charger.

Chargers are available in both AU or a US plug type, please specify which you require. EU or EU customers can purchase this product variant.

Do not use other chargers with your Foil Drive Batteries, do not modify the battery or charger in any way.

Chargers now have a V2 Battery Adaptor Heat Shrunk on the connection end. If you have a V1 Assist PLUS battery and require a new charger, this adaptor can simply be removed to reveal the V1 plug type.

Click here for more information on how to charge your Foil Drive battery.