Foil Drive Podcast | Ep 09 | Paul Cooper

Foil Drive Team Rider, Paul Cooper and Ben had a conversation as they made their way to a foiling event in Sydney. The guys talked about how good it was that the timing happened to be all right for Paul to join Ben at this event. 

They discussed the evolution of foiling, from its humble beginnings to the Foil Drive technology. Paul was so stoked for Foil Drive early on, explaining how it has revolutionised his approach to foiling by offering unparalleled speed and movement.

Their conversation delved into the nuances of foiling, from equipment choices to the physical demands of the sport. Paul shared his journey of transitioning to foiling and how Foil Drive has accelerated his progression in the sport.

As they approached the foil race, they reflected on the foiling community and how that really defines the sport, expressing gratitude for the friendships and experiences they've gained along the way.

Excited to get out on the water they closed the episode, stoked to be out their on the water together with everyone else.




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