Foil Drive Podcast | Ep 11 | Europe Catch-up with Dominic Hoskyns

Ben and Dom have been catching up on Benjamin's recent travels, which have taken him from Australia to the US and now the Netherlands. As they chat, the focus shifts to their experiences with Foil Drive Gen2 in Europe and Foil Drive Europe’s development with Dom at the helm.

They get into the challenges of testing and refining Gen2, highlighting the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail required to develop a high-quality product, unrivalled by other products on the market. They also discuss the differences in foiling culture and conditions they've encountered in various parts of the world, emphasising the importance of being respectful and mindful while using motor-assisted foil gear.

One key aspect the guys touch upon is the role of Ambassadors in spreading the message of responsible foiling. Benjamin and Dom emphasise the need for Ambassadors to promote safe and respectful foiling practices within their communities.

Discussing the evolution of Gen2, they note the improvements in power, performance, and fit and finish from its initial iteration to the current version. They also discuss how the product has gained attention from top athletes like James Casey and others organically, rather than through traditional marketing tactics.

Their conversation extends to the broader evolution of foil sports, particularly prone foiling, and the progression towards smaller, more efficient equipment. They discuss the learning curve involved in using foil assists like Foil Drive, offering insights into the challenges and techniques needed to master them.

Throughout their discussion, Ben and Dom go over the importance of proper gear selection, instruction, and practice in mastering foiling skills. They share their experiences traveling to various locations, meeting with dealers, and experiencing different foiling conditions.

A notable encounter Dom recounts is meeting Olivia Piana, who Dom collaborated with on AXIS and Foil Drive-related tasks. He highlight Olivia's exceptional skills and organisational abilities, as well as his pleasure in working with talented individuals like her in the foiling community.

Additionally, Dom ventured to Tenerife, where they engaged in more AXIS and Foil Drive activities and met other members of the foiling community like Lucas Schuler and Julia Castro. They discuss the versatility and benefits of using Foil Drive equipment, particularly in various water conditions.

Their conversation culminates in a discussion about attending a foiling event where Foil Drive received recognition and approval from the community. Benjamin and Dom express their excitement about the growing interest in foiling events and the evolution of the sport.

Overall, their conversation highlights the passion and enthusiasm shared by members of the foiling community like themselves. The boys invite others to join them in exploring the world of foiling and experiencing the thrill of gliding over the water with Foil Drive.

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