James Casey | Team Rider Profile

Tell us a little bit about yourself, how long have you been foiling and where are you from?
James Casey, from Sydney's Northern Beaches and I've been foiling since 2016. I have competed internationally in SUP and Surf events, but foiling is the focus now. My day job is coaching foiling and I am a part owner in Code Foils. 
What sparked your interest in Foil Drive?
The ability to coach people on flatwater and then take them into waves in a safe environment was the original interest but the benefit for teaching people downwind foiling has become an even bigger benefit!
What was the learning curve like with Foil Drive?
For the most part I really enjoyed it. playing around with pod height was the biggest breakthrough for me. As I could already foil having the pod up nice and high (15-12cm) created the most enjoyment for me. For coaching closer to mid mast (or 20-25cm) created the best balance of e foiling and free foiling. 
What is your go to Foil Drive setup and why, and what’s your weight?
I'm 83kg and my go to is the 4'8 carver with the Code Foils 980S with the Gen 2 Slim Endurance Battery and 12cm cable. For me it allows me to get up easily, pump around between waves, e foil out to different spots if I need to and surf foil freely when on the waves.
Tell us about which type of foiling you’re most in to, what’s a standard session out foiling for you?
Downwind Foiling gets the most of my foiling focus. Using the foil drive to motor up wind and turn around when I have a short time window for a downwinder is awesome, a truly liberating experience!
What is your next adventure with your Foil Drive?
Probably an upwind to downwinder or teaching with it for a beginner foil lesson.
Who would you think would benefit the most from having a Foil Drive?
Those looking to get into downwind foiling, takes out the pain in learning to paddle up so you skip straight to the fun bit.

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