Tom Soupart - Foil Drive Team Rider

I’m based in the southeast of the Philippines on the island of Siargao, which is the mecca for surfing in the country. It’s known for its world-class wave named Cloud 9.

I used to shortboard the wave a lot until I discovered foiling. Now, I actually miss out on some people I used to encounter there. But the foiling in the area is so good! There is a wide variety of spots around that work with all kinds of swell and wind directions, and we get wind also to go wingfoil and kite. Some spots are world-class wingfoil waveriding, I’d say. But you have to embrace the conditions as they are presented. It’s never consistent, and it can change very rapidly.

Now that I have the foildrive on the island, it opens up so many more possibilities, and I’m able to face those challenging conditions better, in performance and in safety.

For me, I love to explore the spots that are too hard to master as takeoffs are too steep or the waves travel too fast. Also, for downwinding, it’s challenging without an assist, as there are heavy currents and open ocean around. We will explore more of that in the months to come.

In this video, I’m riding an open ocean big wave spot I’ve been looking at for some time. On the Sup without an assist, it’s somehow possible, but I really enjoyed being able to launch myself into the sets on my 27-liter prone board with the foildrive. It’s so fast and challenging, and I felt very safe having the drive as an assist.

Lucky to have my buddy Guy Vanryckeghem there to capture it on the FPV drone and be able to show this to the foiling community!

Gear I’m riding:

You’ll see in the video I’m still on the assist plus. The box is mounted next to my front foot for a minimum weight effect on the smaller board. It limits you in prone paddling, but you honestly don’t need it as the drive can navigate you to where you need to be for takeoff. That being said, my gen2 is on the way, as obviously it will perform much better, but the assist plus still gets the job done very much as well 🙏.

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