2.5mm Hex Driver

2.5mm Hex Driver
2.5mm Hex Driver
2.5mm Hex Driver

1x 2.5mm Stainless Steel Hex Driver

Inside Driver Handle:
1x Puck Bolt - M3 12mm
1x Paddle Mount Bolt - M3 35mm
1x Propeller Bolt - M3 30mm
1x Pod Bolt - M3 20mm

2.5mm Hex Head Driver


Whilst every Foil Drive™ kit comes with a driver, we’ve all got tools that go missing! Grab a spare, or replace your old driver that may have seen a little too much salt water. The Stainless Steel 2.5mm Hex Driver also includes a range of spare bolts inside the handle. Simply pop the black cap off and find your spares!

Top Tip: You can adjust the tightens of the head in the handle using the locator pin on the side of the handle.