Foil Drive Slim Batteries

Foil Drive Slim Batteries
Foil Drive Slim Batteries
Foil Drive Slim Batteries

Chosen Slim Battery,
Lipo Bag,
Power Plug Dust Cap.

Assist Slim

Slim Endurance Battery

Nominal Voltage: 28.8v
Max Voltage: 36.2v
Rated Capacity: 8.4 Ah
Rated Capacity: 241.92 Wh

Slim Performance Battery

Nominal Voltage: 39.6 V
Max Voltage: 46.2 V
Rated Capacity: 4.2 Ah
Rated Capacity: 166.32 Wh

IP68 Rated against water and dust ingress


These are the two batteries compatible with the Foil Drive Assist Slim system.

The Foil Drive Slim Endurance Battery is the larger battery with 241Wh capacity. This offers the longer endurance with the Assist Slim system at the cost of some top end thrust. This battery is the only Gen2 battery that operates on 28v and therefore requires a 28v charger DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHARGE THE SLIM ENDURANCE BATTERY ON A 40V CHARGER. 

The Foil Drive Slim Performance Battery is the smaller, lighter Slim battery with 166 Wh capacity. This offers Assist Slim users the ability to reduce the weight of their install for those riders looking for ultimate performance at the cost of reduced runtime.

As with all Gen 2 Foil Drive batteries, they are certified IP68 rated for increased protection and peace of mind against water and dust. The single power plug contains larger connectors that provide power to the Foil Drive unit and smaller connectors for charging the battery. The included dust cap provides extra protection during storage & transport. Only compatible with Foil Drive Assist Slim.